We are known for our CFO services for public companies

ACM Management Inc. has a team of professionals with public company experience to act and serve as CFOs for junior public companies or as Principal Accounting Officers for US listings.

Being public is like running two businesses, you have the operations, which is full time work, and there is all of the work that comes with being public, a full time job in and of itself – raising money, investor relations, board governance, increased contract management and administration, disclosure framework.

ACM can handle all of the administrative work for you to help you go and stay public.

The benefits of hiring a CFO from ACM Management include

  • Help navigate stock exchange policies
  • Act as your liaison with counsel to handle all the administrative work of being public.
  • As a public company, all of a sudden, your documentation requirements increase substantially.

Our experienced CFOs can help you navigate the contractual requirements and work with counsel to draft appropriate legal language.

For CEO’s looking for a CFO for their IPO, ACM can offer a perfect part-time solution for your team. As part of your listing application, you will have to demonstrate experience in the public markets and ACM has a team of qualified staff with pubco experience.

  • Prepare due diligence packages for financings.
  • Help you select your transfer agent.
  • Handle all of the interactions with the filing agent.
  • Assist with due diligence for mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

Controllership Services

ACM Management Inc. can help act as a part-time controller at your public company, so you can close your records in a timely fashion, complete budgets and budget-to-actual, implement controls, and manage cash flow.

ACM can also assist with controller selection process and serve as an interim controller for your team.

Bookkeeping Services for Public Companies

ACM Management Inc. has a bookkeeping team to assist with maintaining your records, so you can be prepared for audits, file timely, and prepare reports for management.